Summer blood fever and TCM nursery

Summer blood fever and TCM nursery

It is summer, and there are more blood-heated people.

The blood heat causes the human body to have a fever, a high degree of anger, fever, skin flushing, love to oil, easy to develop sores, skin plaques, and bleeding; patients are prone to nosebleeds, love to lose their temper, and feel warm in the palms of their hands and feet.
So what method can be used to “cool blood” in Chinese medicine?


Select static motion.

Static motion is good for regulating blood flow in the body and smoothing mood swings.

People with blood fever should do mild exercises, such as yoga2.

Minimize exposure to the sun.

The blood-heated people are full of yang, so it is not advisable to take a sunbath. Usually, the sun should be reduced properly, because the sun can easily absorb the yang and aggravate the patient’s condition.

Less sun exposure is a good way to cool your blood.


Eat food with cooling blood effect.

You should eat more cool and moist foods, such as lotus root, Sydney, bitter gourd, black sesame, crab, duck bitter vegetables, fresh asparagus, mung beans, loofah, winter melon, all are cold-blooded foods, you should usually eat more.

Eat less lamb, peppers, sunflower seeds, chives, warm and dry food, avoid hot pot and drinks.


Chinese medicine conditioning.

Blood heat leads to dryness of the human body, great anger, fever, and bleeding symptoms. It is necessary to use Chinese herbal medicines such as peony skin, rhino horn, red sedge, radix rehmanniae, black ginseng, purple grass, green dai, etc.
People with severe blood heat can take traditional Chinese medicine conditioning, or usually drink more chrysanthemum water.

If necessary, you can use 10 grams of raw land, 6 grams of tannin, 6 grams of locust flower, 6 grams of chrysanthemum decoction and drink, or under the guidance of a doctor, choose Niuhuang Jiedu tablets, Sanhuang tablets and Zhibai Dihuang pills and other drugs.