[How does the frozen pork head meat melt?

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[How does the frozen pork head meat melt?
】 _How to do_How to do

Pork head meat is a meat we often eat. When the pig head meat is not eaten once, it will be stored in the refrigerator to keep the meat fresh. When the pig head meat is stored in the refrigerator and eaten, it will be cold frozen meat. At this time,It ca n’t be used for direct cooking. You need to thaw the frozen meat before you can cook. Some people do n’t know how to thaw the meat. How can the frozen pork head meat be melted?

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How to Frozen Hog Meat?
1. Natural thaw: Thawing frozen meat in an indoor environment will result in better meat quality recovery and less nutritional loss, but it will take longer to thaw and need to be thawed in advance. Put the frozen meat in the refrigerator freezer to allow it to thaw naturally.

2. Dissolve with water: Soak frozen meat in cold water and slowly dissolve inside and outside.

To speed up, add a little salt to the water.

Be careful not to soak or rinse with hot water.

Otherwise, the juice loss in the meat will be reduced, which will not only lose the umami taste of the meat, but also destroy the nutritional components.

3. Microwave defrosting: Some microwave ovens have defrosting files. If there are no stalls that can be inserted with firepower, the meat can be defrosted if the meat is sold for a small amount of money.


How to save meat?

Method one: Refrigerate / freeze.

If it is only stored for a day or two, set the refrigerator temperature to about 0 degrees and refrigerate.

If it needs to be stored for a long time, it needs to be frozen. The temperature is about -15 degrees Celsius. The storage time is up to half a year, and it may cause the meat to deteriorate.

Method two, air-dry.

Cut the meat into strips, thread it up and hang it in a ventilated place, wait for the fresh meat to air dry, and significantly reduce the moisture content in the meat, inhibit the growth of bacteria, and achieve long-term maintenance.

The meat can be moderate and thin so that the air-drying effect is better.

Method three, save with saline.

Boil the water, add the appropriate amount of pepper and salt, the amount according to your own taste, as thick as possible to ensure the effect.

Then cool the boiled water and soak the meat in water. This method can be maintained for two or three days.

Method four: Preserve soy sauce.

Cut the meat into a container, take a certain amount of soy sauce, boil it in a pot, turn off the heat, and after the temperature cools down, pour it into a container to flood the pork with soy sauce.

This method can also save 2 months.


Caution Do not eat meat if it has a strange smell.