Song Hye Kyo has accepted Korean doctors to lose weight


Song Hye Kyo has accepted Korean doctors to lose weight

The Korean star’s enthusiasm for facelifting has long been the secret of 鈥淓veryone on Earth鈥?
, but what is the perfection of the glamorous and glamorous face?

How many unknown secrets do the stars have?

What is the status quo of the Korean cosmetic industry. These “the behind-the-scenes play” that the Chinese audience can’t realize, has gradually changed to the surface of the former Korean physician Liu Jisheng’s secret resistance to Shanghai.

銆€銆€The name “Liu Jisheng” is very strange to the Chinese, but it is said that in South Korea, it is the object that the stars are eagerly awaiting. In order to have a minor operation in him, they must be ranked for three or five months, even if they are big stars.No exceptions.

銆€銆€Where is he sacred?

As the president of the “Korean Beauty Association”, the annual Miss Korea selection will make Dr. Liu busy for a long time.

Initially, beauty candidates will go for minor operations. Eighty percent of the beauty contestants each year are perfected by his scalpel, and sometimes even the top three winners are from his hands.

銆€銆€Liu Jisheng, who is sitting in front of the reporter, is very gentlemanly and may be related to his study abroad in Europe. “The Korean TV series you love to watch, there are two or three actors in each department is his 鈥榳ork’.

“Mr. Park’s assistant, Ms. Park, proudly said: “There is a saying in South Korea: “Looking at Liu Jisheng, it is not far from being a big star.”

鈥欌€濅腑鍥借浼楀彧鐭ラ亾闊╁浗鏄庢槦澶ч儴鍒嗛兘鏁磋繃瀹癸紝杩欎篃鏄洜涓烘槑鏄熸暣褰㈠墠鍚庣収鐗囨洕鍏夋墠澶х櫧浜庡ぉ涓嬶紝闈㈠浼犻椈锛屾槑鏄熶滑鍙嶅簲涓嶄竴锛屾湁鐨勫ぇ鏂规壙璁わ紝鏈夌殑涓嶇疆鍙惁锛岃繕鏈夌殑The swear curse swears that it is a natural beauty, and it makes everyone’s true and false.

銆€銆€鈥淐hinese and Koreans have different definitions of cosmetic surgery. In China, the nose and the double eyelids are all in the facelift, but the cosmetic surgery in Korea is more developed. The needle bridge can be easily completed by injection, and one of the projects鎴戜滑绉颁负鈥樼編瀹光€欍€侱r. Liu explained with a smile: “So if you define it according to your concept, all the stars in Korea are all over.”

“The reporter said that it is unbelievable:” Is there no one exception?

“Yes, not only the stars, but also about 80% of the entire Korean population is plastic or plastic.”

“Jin Xishan: Xiao Xiu Xiaobu reporter asked which stars are famous through him. Dr. Liu hesitated, because it has a confidentiality agreement with the star, so it is not convenient to disclose.
鈥?The reporter suggested that there are many photos of Korean stars before and after plastic surgery, such as Jin Xishan, Cai Lin, Jin Nanzhu, Cui Zhiyou, Cui Zhen, etc., Dr. Liu smiled and did not answer, Assistant Ms. Park replied: “Almost all he did.
鈥?”Then Dr. Liu said: “The star shaping is divided into two types. One is a small place to repair and tinker, and the other is a complete change.

“Jin Xishan and Cai Lin belong to the former one. The surgery is only to make some small placements on the basis of my initialization. The average person is not sure whether they are complete, but it is more beautiful than before.”

Jin Nanzhu is a supplement, and her cosmetic photos have caused a sensation in China, which has attracted the attention of the famous American women’s monthly magazine JANE.

銆€銆€Song Hye Kyo: Slim and not grooming because of “Blue Life and Death” for the Chinese audience, the actress Song Hye Kyo has been subjected to cosmetic rumors for a while, and various circulated versions are also overwhelming. The doctor told reporters: “The former Song Huiqiao gave peopleIt feels like a fat, short, little fat girl. I helped her with a liposuction and a re-diagnosis every six months.

However, her face has not been moved, just a self-cultivation.

But Song Hye Kyo’s skin is really good.

“Korean plasticist kicked the exposure of Han Xing insider Yuan Bin: It is even more annoying to start plastic surgery from high school. Song Chengxian and Yuan Bin, who are also popular in Asia for this TV series, are not “original” beautiful men.

In particular, Yuan Bin, has never been suspicious of the whole, because when he debuted, he was “stunned and natural.”

“Song Chengxian moved a small place, Yuan Bin.” Dr. Liu hesitated for a moment and shook the truth out. “Actually, he started to go to the high school since he was in high school. He did a lot of things. I didn’t know this at the time.”The child came to me in order to develop into the entertainment industry.

The biggest change in his five senses is the eyes.

“I don’t know if this is the case, and many sisters who love the “Asia’s first beautiful man” Yuan Bin can still be loyal.

銆€銆€Lee Byung-hun: The biggest contraction followed by the reporter asked the star who was the biggest continuous before and after the cosmetic surgery. Dr. Liu and his assistant laughed at each other after looking at it: “Li Bingxian!

When he first came to the hospital, he couldn’t read it!

The face is completely gone.

The reporter asked Quan Xiangyu, who is known as “muscle macho”, whether the muscles of the body are true or not. Dr. Liu explained: “Wu Xiangyu was born in the sports department. His body is genuine, but his eyes have been repaired and his nose is raised, but not inI am doing it here.

“There is also a man who is crazy about thousands of women. Bae Yong Joon is not a “natural beauty”, but an artificial beauty.

銆€銆€Yan Yanhua: Among the most proud “artworks”, the most popular “art work” by Dr. Liu is the actress Yan Yanhua.

Known as the “Asian Madonna”, the sturdy flower has a bumpy appearance and a veritable “angel face, devil figure”.

How many women can get the favor of God?

It doesn’t matter, God does not give the opportunity, the doctor will let you be born again!

After the liposuction and the buttocks, the Yanhua flower body was hot, and the road of performing arts began to be smooth.

The doctor revealed that the current Yan Yanhua is filming in Hong Kong. “If she is not confident in her body, she will not agree to one of the nude scenes.”Li Chengwei: The whole person who was addicted to the whole process was just a flight attendant. Li Chenghao was looking forward to Liu Jisheng. After the doctor’s skill, the freshly-listed Li Meiren went to the beauty contest and then successfully entered the entertainment circle.

After that, Li Chengyu, who was addicted to the whole body, got a strange problem. Wherever he went, he went to Japan to do some minor surgery. “You see how beautiful she was when she was beautiful, and it was not good when she was over.”

The assistant shook his head beside him.

銆€銆€Li Yuxian: Do not evade the “artificial beauty” Most stars are avoiding others talking about cosmetic surgery, and even being seen through it, but many stars do not hide their facts of “congenital deficiency and then make up”, but are more popular because of frankness.

For example, South Korea’s 鈥淎mazing Days鈥?Li Yuxian did not avoid being an artificial beauty.

Although there is a confidentiality agreement between the doctor and the star, such a secret cannot be hidden. “The surgery always comes to the hospital, so it will be seen by regular people, sometimes in the waiting room, sometimes in the parking lot.Even if you avoid other patients, the security guard at the door is always visible, so that everyone can go online to discuss, to see if the star is indeed more beautiful than before, of course, can not keep secret.

“Ms. Park said.

銆€銆€After the plastic surgery came to China, Dr. Liu introduced the process of the star’s appointment to the surgery: 鈥淕enerally, I will call to find me, and I will make an appointment to meet in the hospital. After the interview, the doctor will make suggestions and then design the photo after the plastic surgery.I am satisfied with the operation. If I feel that I am not satisfied with the doctor, I will call it a pertinent opinion, but I will not do it for my surgery.

In fact, Liu Jisheng’s cosmetic surgery is not only popular in South Korea’s copyright, but many other countries’ stars have also come to the fore. Since the 2002 Olympic Games, the number of Chinese people going to South Korea has increased.

A total of more than 100 stars have been looking for him.

The reporter asked some of the stars. Dr. Liu was tight-lipped and reluctant to say it. In the end, the assistant accidentally missed the tone: “It is the female star who has been a Korean travel ambassador!

She has finished it, but the surgery is not big, just make some repairs.

“Is the Chinese female celebrity who has served as a Korean tourism ambassador not only Sun Yue?”

The reporter was quiet and secretly tried to figure out. It seems that the rumors of her previous trip to South Korea were true. The assistants stopped at the moment and the reporter did not pursue it.

銆€銆€The Korean star’s question of whether such a high proportion of cosmetic surgery is necessary, Dr. Liu replied: 鈥淭he culture of our country’s national imitation star is very popular. The actors have become more perfect through plastic surgery and self-cultivation. The audience feels pleasing to the eye. What is wrong with it?