[How to make vegetable tempura]_ making methods _ practice Daquan

[How to make vegetable tempura]_ making methods _ practice Daquan

Tempura is a relatively common vegetable in life. Most of the vegetables are eaten fried. Because it can be cut into strips, you can also add some tempura when it is marinated.Luo, most people put sweet potatoes and carrots together when eating tempura, because the tempura that comes out at this time is both delicious and attractive in color, then vegetable tempura has some methodHow about it?

Ingredients: sweet potatoes, carrots, shiitake mushrooms, fried powder / crispy powder, cabbage, cooking master, pepper and salt, white radish, soy sauce practice 1, sweet potatoes, carrots cut into thin strips, Korean cabbage shredded; white radishGrind to a puree and add soy sauce.

2. Add fried water / crispy powder and mix with whole egg and some cooking master.

The proportion follows personal taste, based on powder 2 and water 1 and thicker if you want to thicken it and thinner if you want it to be thinner.

3. Mix the processed ingredients evenly into the powder slurry (the mushrooms are individually wrapped in the powder slurry), and at the same time, heat the 160-degree oil pan, pick up the powdered ingredients to the size you want to eat, and fry them until the surface appearsGolden, then set fire to the table after the fire.

4. Sprinkle with pepper and salt according to personal preference and eat with dipping sauce.

Tempura ingredients: 30 grams of carrots, 30 grams of pumpkin, 30 grams of sweet potatoes, and 40 grams of burdock.

2 duck celery, moderate flour, radish puree.

Ingredients for the top: 150cc of cold water, 100g of low-gluten flour, 1 egg yolk, 250cc of juice, 50cc of soy sauce, and 50cc of miso.

The practice of seasonal vegetables tempura is detailed in step 1.

After peeling carrots, pumpkins, and sweet potatoes, cut into 5 cm long strips, cut duck parsley into small pieces for later use.


Burdock scrape off the epidermis with the back of the knife, prepare 1 pot of vinegar water, and sharpen the burdock into the vinegar water with a pencil and soak.


Mix the flour material evenly. When cutting, use a cut-like method. It is best to leave some flour unmixed.


After mixing the sauce, boil it for later use.


Remove the burdock, drain the water, sprinkle with a small amount of low-gluten flour, and mix with carrots, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, and duck parsley.


Raise the oil pan, heat to 180 ° C, then use a flat ladle spoon to take an appropriate amount of material and fry in the oil pan until crispy.


After picking it up, put it on a plate lined with oil-absorbing paper, drain off the oil, place it on the plate, and prepare an appropriate amount of radish puree next to it, and put the sauce in a small dish.

When eating, put the radish puree in the sauce, then take the tempura and dip it in the sauce.

Notes: 1.

The vinegar water of method 2 is made by mixing 100% of water with 3% of vinegar to make 3% vinegar water, which can prevent the burdock from browning and turning black.


The low-gluten flour in the top material is used after sieving.


When frying, you can insert chopsticks into the tempura center and heat evenly, so that the taste of the finished product can be consistent.