Ultra-Fashion Beauty Food Today


Ultra-Fashion Beauty Food Today

Nowadays more and more beauty-loving people are not satisfied with the maintenance of their skin.

Oral collagen is becoming very popular in Japan, so in order to cater to the trend, major businesses have made a lot of fuss about skin care products and even food, adding some “edible skin care products” to meet the beauty needs of young women.

Let me show you some of the most popular beauty foods now.

  Popular Top1 Collagen Collagen, also called collagen, is the most abundant and widely distributed protein in animals.

Its main function is to maintain the shape and structure of skin and tissues, and it is also an important raw material for repairing various damaged tissues.

Therefore, we can say without exaggeration that collagen is the scaffold of all life.

  Cosmetic effect: prevent skin wrinkles, keep the skin smooth and elastic; effectively eliminate skin spots; promote skin regeneration, restore elasticity and improve hair quality.

  Product form: collagen oral solution, collagen powder, collagen capsules Popular Top2 Vitamin E Vitamin E, also known as “implanted phenol”.

Because it is composed of most natural phenols: α-natural phenol, β-natural phenol, δ-natural phenol and γ-natural phenol.

Speaking of vitamin E, I believe everyone is no stranger.

Middle-aged and elderly people often take vitamin E to delay aging in life, and women like to choose vitamin E-based cosmetics for skin rejuvenation.

  Cosmetic effect: It has anti-oxidant effect, delays cell aging, reduces the formation of lipofuscin, and improves skin elasticity; taking vitamin E orally after injury can effectively eliminate the residue of scar marks (also can be used externally).

  Product form: Vitamin E capsule Popular Top3 Grape Seed Grape Seed is a natural and powerful “free radical” scavenger that removes free radicals in the human body; anti-oxidation, anti-oxidation effect is 20 times that of vitamin C and 50 times that of vitamin E;Anti-tumor, anti-mutation effect; anti-aging; skin health and beauty effect.

  Cosmetic effect: prevent skin wrinkles, prevent melanin deposition, effectively whiten skin and reduce scars.

  Product form: Grape Seed Capsule Popular Top 4 Propolis Propolis is a resin (gum) collected by bees from plant spores or tree trunks, mixed with glandular secretions from bee mouthparts, and processed with pollen and beeswax to produce a gelatinous substance., Is the umbrella of the hive.

Propolis is a “natural antibiotic” and is rich in unique biologically active substances.

  Cosmetic effect: Propolis has a good anti-oxidant effect, and has detoxification, regulating endocrine and other effects; it can eliminate acne, acne, break down pigment spots, reduce wrinkles, and delay aging.

  Product Form: Propolis Capsule, Propolis Liquid Popular Top 5 Aloe According to scientific research, it has been found that too much aloe vera has good nutrition and moisturizing effect on human skin, and has less irritation, comfortable after use, rough skin, wrinkles, scars, freckles, Acne and other permanent certain effects.

Therefore, its extract can be used as a cosmetic additive, formulated into sunscreen, bath lotion, etc.

  Cosmetology: Improve skin roughness, accelerate wound healing, relieve sunburn and mild burns, and improve sunburn, pigmentation, and endocrine disorders; regulate gastrointestinal function, moisturize bowel, and promote the elimination of toxins from the body; help skin manufacture andRetains moisture and soothes dry skin.

  Product form: Aloe capsules, aloe juice popular Top6 pearl powder pearl powder effective shell protein amino acid (collagen), glycine, natural methionine and taurine are absorbed by the human body, can accelerate skin metabolism, and overall conditioning the skin of the whole bodyAnd maintenance.

It promotes the synthesis of new cells, constantly replenishes nutrients to the surface of the skin, and maintains the normal secretion of female estrogen.

  Cosmetic effect: make skin smooth, delicate, elastic, and delay aging.

Regulates endocrine and removes pigments and brown spots from women.

  Product form: pearl powder, pearl powder capsules