How to avoid winter sports injuries

How to avoid winter sports injuries

Children in modern cities may suffer fewer injuries in their daily lives than they did 20 years ago; the proportion of injuries that can occur during exercise has increased significantly.

How Children Avoid Winter Sports Injuries Modern urban children are likely to be injured less often in daily life than they were 20 years ago; the proportion of injuries that can be caused during sports has increased significantly.

“比如在广州,从前很少有因滑雪和滑草跌伤扭伤的孩子,现在呢,热衷体验‘冰雪游’的家庭太多了,很多父母认为冬天有条件去滑雪是培养孩子勇敢气质的首选It is also an indicator of family life entering the middle class.

As a result, a small number of children suffered accidents such as fractures and frostbite because they did not understand self-protection during exercise.

The popularity of roller skates and pulleys among children also brings some hidden dangers.

“Experts believe that there is nothing wrong with encouraging children to exercise more, but for children who have no knowledge of sports injuries, it is also very important to instill knowledge about sports protection.

Otherwise, in the event of an accident, almost the child and parents are suffering, and it is more likely to cause a shadow to the child’s inner world-next time, will he dare to gallop on the playground without care?

Four tips to prevent ski injuries ● Teach children the ability to actively “fall”.

Children who are new to skiing often encounter the problem of “can’t stop”. At this time, don’t panic. You must learn to fall with the small obstacles on the snowy road. When you fall, you will actively fall to the left or to the right.The front impact force is attenuated, reducing the chance of falls.

● If you find yourself out of control during taxiing, the key to safe “deceleration” is to quickly lower the center of gravity, sit back, try to lift your limbs, bend down, and let it slide down.

Avoid head down, and absolutely avoid rolling.

● Children should wear special children’s snow boots when they begin to ski. Do not wear ordinary warm leather boots to prevent ice and snow from pouring into the boots and frostbite the toes. Wear a helmet to prevent the helmet from being injured by injuries. Before wearing the helmet, It ‘s best to wear a hood that only reveals your eyes and attach ski goggles.

The purpose of wearing a helmet is to prevent the cold wind from cracking the child’s young face, and the role of goggles is to prevent the intense snow reflections from irritating the eyes.

● Teach your child to try to warm up the body before going on the snowy road, including doing various contraction exercises and pulling the ligaments; lunge presses the legs to enhance the ability to stabilize the center of gravity; lift children’s dumbbells to exercise to strengthen the arm muscles.

Three tips to prevent the harm of roller skating

Helmets and knee pads are indispensable protective equipment in concrete dry ice rinks or public square roller skating, which can help children to protect themselves to the greatest extent in the event of a fall.

The distance protector should also include elbow, wrist and elbow pads.

Don’t wear your child too much, and don’t choose hard leather high boots to lock on dry skates.

High-top, hard leather shoes, although good in warmth, affect the change of footsteps, causing children to dodge in emergency situations.


Beginner roller skating and parents slip hand in hand, as long as the balance of strength and courage, can also reduce the possibility of falling.


Parents should make a careful survey of the site, especially in the square where the roller skating children are most concentrated.

In addition, the friction coefficients of millstone tiles, mirror tiles, polycarbonate and marble are very different, and the speed of bringing them under the same force is also very different. Children should be reminded to slow down and slip in a certain area to protect themselves.

Two Tips for Preventing Injuries to Roller Scooters ◎ Some parents allow their children to follow the roller scooters when they ride on the street. This is a very dangerous behavior.

It is important to warn children early that the pulley is a “fitness machine”, not a correction. It can only be played in parks, squares and pedestrian streets where vehicles are not allowed to enter, and it cannot enter the main and secondary roads.

◎ Parents should urge those children who have poor balance ability, or who like to pedal speed, to wear light helmets and knee pads.

Tips for prevention of crawl injuries Parents should strictly monitor their children, do not let children go online when 3 or more children are playing on a crawl, remind him to keep an eye on the climb processChildren ‘s pedaling and falling; remember to head up, try your feet down, and back down little by little as you climb over the highest point of the crawl; parents should implement close monitoring during the entire crawl.